Trauma: feeling safe

Oh how I wish there was some magic button of safety.

When you have gone through trauma, it’s hard to feel safe. Especially in places that are new.

Every sound you hear, you wonder. Wonder what it’s from, who it is and if you’re ok.

tossing and turning, trying to sleep and startled at every noise.

Is it the wind? The furnace? Is someone awake? Someone at the door? Is someone outside? Is the house just settling? Maybe it’s the dogs?

This is the reality behind trauma. The long lasting effects.

Some things I have personally done to help this is by helping myself feel safe.

I make sure all doors are locked before I go to bed. I keep my windows closed (curtains and blinds). I put some extra security locks on my front door that didn’t feel so secure when I moved in here. It’s also Christmas season so I have an excuse now to put jingle bells on the door handles. Haha.

With all that I still do meditation and breathing exercises while reminding myself that I am in control of my safety and I am safe.

What are some things you may do or know others do to try help this? Maybe someone reading can get some helpful tips on ways they can help feel safe again.

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